Too Much Soap, Helpful Husband Moment

Our blog has now turned slightly into confessions running a chocolate business. The stories in my family are hilarious when it comes to our chocolate adventures. After 4 years, our kids continue to sheepishly share confessions from years ago. Remember when that box of chocolates went mysteriously missing? Or, remember when the chocolates accidentally feel on the floor and we couldn’t sell them?

This one is all about my helpful husband. Rather than give you wonderful educational tidbits about chocolate, or try and sell you on how it’s the best ever, this is just a confession about my husband.

First, before I tell the world all our secrets, you have to understand how “helpful” my husband is. We joke that in his attempt to be “helpful”, sometimes it’s not that helpful. After 19 years of marriage, we have had a plethora of wonderful helpful moments. My hubby is actually quite handy and good at fixing things. Learning was a necessity for him. Growing up his Dad never fixed anything. With 5 sons, why would he?

Before you get the wrong idea, he really is the best husband ever! Crazy supportive, encouraging, and chips in to help! Now, to give you the wrong idea…

Back to chocolate and soap. The messes we make with chocolate are quite large. Picture a couple of hershey kisses forgotten in the hot car. Now, times that by 100! Major CHOCOLATE messes.

A few years ago, we were at an event for spicy foods. Spicy salsas, hot sauces, everything was killer spicy! We brought our chocolates to offer a counter taste to cool the spices for customers. It was an awesome event. People would literally come running to our booth after trying the spiciest ghost pepper salsa samples. Tears in their eyes, red in the face, nose dripping, begging us for something that would quench their thirst and relieve the burn!

The burn dies down and people sigh in relief. We always give out tons of samples. The gratitude for samples after spicy foods, was exponential!

At this same event, we decided to offer samples of our hot chocolate! We diligently sampled them out. All set to go, our urns kept the hot chocolate hot and at the perfect temperature. Because our peppermint hot chocolate is so popular, we offered two choices for samples. Our original and peppermint.

We have this awesome hot chocolate machine that blends our almond milk and our mix for us. It’s crazy awesome. Measure, push a button, and it does all the work for you!

We were so busy at this event that we ran out of samples and constantly had to restock. My husband was very helpful and washed out the hot chocolate machine. He was getting the next batch ready to refill the urn.

When people tasted our hot chocolate, the response all day, was “Wow!” “This is incredible.” “Best thing I have tasted all day.” “This is the best hot chocolate. So rich and creamy.” So, when I gave a customer a sample of the hot chocolate and their response was “Interesting,” I paused and didn’t think about it that much. I know with food, everyone has different taste buds, and it’s ok if someone doesn’t like their sample.

When the next sampler made a funny face and said, “Hmmm. That’s different.” I thought, Ok. I guess the hot chocolate isn’t going over as well. Maybe it’s the spicy samples beforehand, changing the flavor of the hot chocolate sample. No big deal.

After the fourth person in a row, made a comment that was similar, I decided I better taste this, too. When I tasted the hot chocolate sample, I about spit it out on the spot! Mortified, I checked for why the flavor was different. It had a chocolate hint and taste, but was very diluted, and masked by something else. I couldn’t put my finger on what was so strong and wrong with the sample.

Then, it all made sense! I looked at my husband coming out of the restroom. I looked at the hot chocolate maker, the sample, and the urn, and I knew! I couldn’t believe it, but it made me laugh so hard. There was a very good reason the hot chocolate tasted “interesting,” “different,” and less chocolatey. It wasn’t the spicy food before sampling. It was my helpful husband!

He had taken the hot chocolate and washed it in between customers! He had been so helpful and in a big hurry. We had so many lines and customers, in his rush to wash the machine, he forgot to fully wash out the soap. Our poor customers were tasting an “interesting” and “different” version of hot chocolate indeed. They were tasting our Soapy, Sudsy, Hot Chocolate!

Hey, at least, we could still claim it was dairy free, soy free, vegan, and gluten free. Who would have thought we would need to say it was ‘soap free!” The moral of the story is who needs marshmallows, when you can add a few extra soap bubbles…

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