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Amy founded Amy's Chocolate in January of 2015.  Amy and Mike have the heart and dedication of true Entrepreneurs.  She took her professional gift of cooking and combined it with her passion of nutrition and found a way to make chocolate healthy and taste delicious.  She convinced her husband Mike to join her and together they have created a family business. Amy and Mike have three children; Dallyn (age 16), Kyle (age 12), and Katelyn (age 8).  They now reside in CA.

Amy has a quick wit, great sense of humor, loves sports, politics, and cooking amazing meals from scratch.  Amy is instantly loved by anyone who takes time to get to know her and she is extremely beautiful inside and out!  Her husband says that he is ‘simply AMAZED by Amy!’ Mike is excited for Amy to share her gift with the world so they might come to know and love her as much as he does!

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Amy ALWAYS gives 100%

Devoted Wife & Mother
Pioneering Nutritionist
Creative Chocolatier
Visionary Entrepreneur
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Life With A Chocolate Business

  • My kids have extra friends. 
  • Extended Family always raid the chocolate freezer. 
  • We never run out of gifts for holidays.
  • Everyone wants to try the newest flavors. 
  • I have lots of volunteers for chocolate tasters.
  • When someone finds out we have a chocolate business, we get extra invites to dinner gatherings.
  • Our kids trade in their Halloween Chocolate for Mom's chocolate.
  • If we don't sell all our inventory, we just eat it!

A Little Love


"OMGEEEEEE. It really is PURE-ly delicious! My kids love it and I don't have to feel guilty about bringing it home. Goooood AND good for you!"



"I used to love the other guys but once I tasted REAL natural chocolate I can never go back. Amy's Chocolate ruined all other chocolates for me!"


"Such great chocolates! And even sweeter when you get to meet the owners...Amy and Mike!!"


Our Promise

Healthy doesn't mean it doesn't taste deeeelicious!

We promise you a luxury chocolate with all natural ingredients that DOESN'T compromise on taste, with no waxes, fillers or preservatives.

Made from fair trade organic chocolate sourced from Ecuador, we only use the freshest, all natural, non-GMO ingredients and we promise that you will taste the difference.  Our products do not contain dairy, soy, or gluten.

Our chocolate truly is good AND good for you! #PURElyDelicious

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